The Ferrari California Flyback Chronograph Replica watch

The California Flyback Chronograph replica is a relatively new addition to the Ferrari repliaca watch range and was produced to celebrate the release of the California Cabriolet vehicle. The watch, like the car, is stunning in almost every way.

The Ferrari California Flyback Chronograph Replica watch

The workings of this particular model are all built into a 45mm stainless steel case which has been molded into a unique design. Whilst the design of the case has been a point of contention for those critiquing the watch I feel it works well and pushes the boundaries of watch making, which Ferrari have been doing with their motor vehicles since their inception as a company.

The black and red colour clash on the dial also works extremely well in my opinion and the watch has two subsidiary hands, in the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions, the 9 o’clock dial is a subsidiary seconds hand with the 3 o’clock dial serving as a 30 minute chronograph. Of course with the watch being crafted by Ferrari in conjunction with Panerai there is also the leaping horse Ferrari logo featured in the middle of the dial.

There are however 2 distinct problems with this watch. Firstly the price and secondly the production run of the watch. The watch has been given a retail price of $12,000+ and to be frank this is quite an absurd price tag for a watch produced by Ferrari when you could acquire a Breitling or Rolex for around the same outlay. Whilst the watch has of course been produced with Panerai, those who will see the watch will not usually be aware of this and as such could easily mistake the watch for being of a far lesser value and exclusivity than it actually is. In addition to this only 400 versions of this watch are being produced – which means that acquiring one if you should want to will be difficult to say the least.

As such if you are seriously considering an investment in this watch I would implore you to look elsewhere and to purchase an authentic Breitling or other similarly priced brand watch and to simply purchase a Ferrari replica version of this particular model.

Replica Silver Ferrari Paddock Chronograph

Thanksgiving weekend (or should I only say Black Friday weekend) will quickly arrived at a detailed, and provide method to the commercialism crazy referred to as Christmas. Many people most likely finished their holiday searching for the entire year. But when you aren’t certainly one of individuals people, then let me let you know about an excellent watch from Ferrari you can buy.


At $432 the Silver Ferrari Paddock Chronograph is much more affordable than its brethren (other watches from Ferrari may cost more than $20,000). The primary options that come with this watch really are a 42mm stainless situation, a Swiss made chronograph with quarta movement, 10 ATM water proofing, not to mention the situation back features the planet-famous Ferrari Scudetto.


I understand Christmas is really a crazy season, but do not get too swept up within the hype. You shouldn’t $400 and certainly not $20,000 for any watch since you can easily get stylish Ferrari replica watches that appears such as this for a far greater cost.