A Charming Watch On Your Wrist:Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Chrono Perpetual Calendar Replica

Earlier this year, we brought you news of the exciting new Historiques, Patrimony and Overseas replica watches being released by Vacheron Constantin men’s replica. The brand is continually moving forward with high replica watchmaking for both new collectors and tried-and-true Vacheron Constantin fans.  The newly unveiled Traditionnelle Chrono Perpetual Calendar replica watch, with  in-house-made 1142 QP caliber, is one that will have Vacheron lovers on the hook.

The timepiece holds the Hallmark of Geneva certification and is crafted in a 43mm platinum case. Bringing together two important complications, the perpetual calendar (accurate until March 1, 2100) and the column-wheel chronograph, the Replica Watch In Discount movement was developed entirely in-house by the brand and  offers date, days, months, leap years,  moon phases, direct-drive seconds hand,  30-minute counter for the column-wheel chronograph,and  small seconds sundial.  Beating at a slightly higher 3HZ, the 324-part mechanical movement offers 48 hours of power reserve.
A Charming Watch On Your Wrist:Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Chrono Perpetual Calendar Replica
In addition to a stellar interior, the replica watch features a pretty impressive exterior, as  well.  The stepped case has a fluted pattern, and the gray dial features a tachymeter scale and  railway minute track. The moon display is a white-gold moon on gray background — with a melancholy moon and a happy moon to depict phases according to traditional pocket replica watch styles of the past.

A Charming Watch On Your Wrist:Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Chrono Perpetual Calendar Replica

Take A Look At The Vacheron Constantin Historiques Cornes de Vache 1955 Rose Gold Replica

Unveiled last year in platinum, the Historiques Cornes de Vache 1955 is a Replica Watch In Discount chronograph modelled on the 1950s Vacheron Constantin ref. 6087. The nickname cornes de vache, which translates as “cow horns”, stems from the pointed lugs. Though the Cornes de Vache 1955 is not a novel design, the look is immediately appealing, including in its latest guise in rose gold.

Take A Look At The Vacheron Constantin Historiques Cornes de Vache 1955 Rose Gold Replica

The Replica Vacheron Constantin rose gold Cornes de Vache 1955 is nearly identical to its platinum sibling, with the same silver dial featuring blue accents on the tachymetre as well as blued steel chronograph hands. The case remains 38.5mm in diameter and just under 11mm high, containing the calibre 1142.


Based on the Lemania 2310 (best known as the calibre 321 found inside the original Omega Speedmaster Moon replica watch), the 1142 is now made in-house by Vacheron Constantin Mens Replica. That is thanks to its sister company Roger Dubuis, which bought the rights to make the movement in the mid-2000s. Though still recognisable as the Lemania 2310, the 1142 has been significantly upgraded, most notably with a free-sprung balance wheel and a decorative Maltese cross on top of the column wheel.

Take A Look At The Vacheron Constantin Historiques Cornes de Vache 1955 Rose Gold Replica

Hands-on With Vacheron Constantin Malte Tourbillon Openworked Replica

Replica Vacheron Constantin adopted the unusual tonneau (barrel) case design in 1912, a bold move in a period dominated by round replica watches dominated the market. Over the years, this emblematic shape contributed to define the unique aesthetic heritage of the brand.

A precious creation is now joining this collection, the Malte Tourbillon Openworked. This model is a true piece of art , in every sense of the word.

Hands-on With Vacheron Constantin Malte Tourbillon Openworked Replica

The curved 38 x 48.24 mm pink gold case perfectly moulding the shape of the wrist frames an entirely openworked and hand-engraved barrel-shaped tourbillon movement.

Alternating shadow and light effects enable the Replica Vacheron Constantin Caliber 2790 SQ to reveal an original architectural decor playing with geometrical shapes.

The stylistic inspiration behind these works is characterised by subtle light patterns created by a pyramid of chiaroscuro contrasts based on the repetitive use of fundamental geometrical elements. The resulting entirely hand-engraved three-dimensional mosaic is enhanced by an imposing Maltese cross-shaped tourbillon.

Around 540 hours of patient and meticulous workmanship, from the development of the caliber to the manual finishing of each of its 246 components, are required to achieve the balance between a tourbillon mechanism and the aery openworked aesthetic.

Hands-on With Vacheron Constantin Malte Tourbillon Openworked Replica

Coated in pink gold, this exceptional mechanism powering indications of the hours, minutes, seconds, date and power reserve, appears through a transparent sapphire dial rimmed by a silver-toned ring and punctuated by 11 baton-type hour-markers as well as an applied Roman (XII) numeral in pink gold.

The movement beats at a frequency of 2.5 Hz (18,000 vibrations per hour) with a power reserve of approximately 45 hours.

The precious timepiece is secured to the wrist by an elegant alligator leather brown strap secured by a half Maltese cross-shaped folding clasp.

Vacheron Constantin Harmony Chronograph Replica Watch Hands-on Review

The tricky thing about revisiting a classic is that there is no formula for success. It’s not as simple as creating something totally new that has its inspiration in the past, nor does it necessarily pay dividends to update and refine the original with new techniques and technologies. Both ways can work; both ways can fail. By releasing the Vacheron Constantin Harmony Chronograph replica watch, the oldest continuously active watch company in the world has taken just such a risk.

Vacheron Constantin Harmony Chronograph Replica Watch Hands-on Review
Based on their earliest chronographs from the 1920s, the Vacheron Constantin Harmony Chronograph replica watch seeks to bring this seminal model up-to-date. It may look similar to the first edition, now almost 100 years old, but every single element has been looked at, worked on, and rethought – so much so that the Harmony collection actually is much more haute horlogerie than it is main collection, and both the quality of execution, as well as the price testify to that; but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Vacheron Constantin Harmony Chronograph Replica Watch Hands-on Review
A traditional cushion case of the Vacheron Constantin Harmony Chronograph replica watch is a simple, straightforward way of increasing the visual interest of a single-piece case design. It’s basically a soft square – nothing too complicated at all! What Vacheron Constantin have done with this new wave of Harmony watches, released to celebrate 260 years of non-strop production, is to place the emphasis on sculpture, to draw our attention to the many shapes within shapes that can be seen on this Vacheron Constantin Harmony Chronograph replica watch. The case looks small and slim, but it is in fact a mid-size piece, sufficient for packing a serious mechanical punch. This is just as well, as the nuts and bolts of the Vacheron Constantin Harmony Chronograph are far from simple.

Vacheron Constantin Harmony Chronograph Replica Watch Hands-on Review
The sapphire crystal of Vacheron Constantin Chronograph replica watch, treated with an anti-reflective coating, is round; the bezel is square; the case is curved to pull the harsher edges of the bezel into itself and to hug the wrist of the wearer. The dial displays the time and chronograph seconds in the center, running seconds at 9, chronograph minutes at 3. On the periphery of the dial is a “pulsometer” scale rendering the Vacheron Constantin Harmony Chronograph replica watch a “doctor’s chronograph.”


Vacheron Constantin Replica Review

Probably the most popular replica watches brands can also be Vacheron Constantin which puts together some pretty outstanding masterpieces for that luxury watches market. Obviously the costs are within the top quality range too and also the primary reason may be the originality of the pieces.

They advertise some highly exclusive collections which are simply outstanding works of art and a whole lot than simply timepieces. Still you’ll have to pay around 5k for that least expensive Vacheron Constantin which is a simple watch and lots of money from you and me.

Vacheron Constantin Replica Review

For the time being some people reached stay with the greater affordable Vacheron Constantin Replica watches. A minimum of coach for that genuine ones. Seriously, I believe that possessing a high quality replica watch out for good quality time might enable you to get towards the idea in order to save and purchase the real thing over time.

You will see couple of individuals to accept me but it’s possible that you can’t really ignore. Finding top quality replica Vacheron Constantin watches isn’t as simple as you’d think. Since they are extremely complicated and delightful that you’d be best opting for the easiest of models should you want to obtain a well cloned piece.

Vacheron Constantin Replica Review

Vacheron Constantin watches are pretty straight forward so my recommendation is always to make it simple when you are on the search for any fake Vacheron. Those are the kind of watches that make heads turn yet they often possess a small diameter along with a very classic look. Always beneficial for special events and occasions just to provide you with another style than your average everyday put on.

Vacheron Constantin Replica Review

I’ve some good examples here that might have the desired effect as well as for just a little visual standard setting too. Remember, look whatsoever the particulars and browse all of the explanations, buy safe.

Vacheron Constantin Replica Review

Vacheron Constantin Ultra Fine 1955 Replica Watch

It seems like it’s about time let’s focus on my uncle’s Vacheron Constantin Ultra Fine 1955 replica watch video review article. This is among the Vacheron Constantin replica watches that made my eyes glow initially when I first viewed it since it impressed me through its simplicity and visual appearance.

Vacheron Constantin Ultra Fine 1955 Replica Watch

I understood then which I had a good watch out for my uncle which he’d finish up connecting it that they did but still does. She got interested in fake watches after you have this piece and that I will not be surprised if he’s gonna develop a request of their own in the near future. Yeah, watches often get addictive this way however I think all of us feel kinda area of the story already.

Vacheron Constantin Ultra Fine 1955 Replica Watch

Well, so what can I only say other that each time I check this out baby on my small uncle’s wrist I smile in content and that he smiles back at me? Vacheron Constantin made that one from the cleanest and easiest watches available. Vintage and trendy 1950’s look, small diameter as well as an remarkably thin situation. All rose gold polished stainless with a nice fashion into it.

Run by a Quarta movement (battery) movement that doesn’t provide away due to the fact there isn’t any seconds hands or around the original neither about this replica Vacheron. Clean whitened dial with only the Vacheron Constantin logo design and title. Crocodile imitation leather strap is just amazing. It’s sleek and it has an elegant dark burgundy color that appears greatly genuine. Buckle can also be rose gold plated and the rear of the leather strap has got the Vacheron Constantin markings.

Vacheron Constantin Ultra Fine 1955 Replica Watch

Swiss engravings can be found around the back situation so overall this fake Vacheron Constantin Ultra Fine 1955 is nice on particulars. It’s a little diameter because the 1950 watches were so make certain you’re confident with putting on small watches before you think about that one. In either case you will see times when a wrist watch like that one works great and I’m hoping to get one personally just in case – however I think it’s much more about the addiction.

Vacheron Constantin Ultra Fine 1955 Replica Watch

Vacheron Constantin replica watches capture the ephemeral great thing about flowers

Vacheron Constantin replica watches find artistic illumination in probably the most unusual places. A couple of days ago we examined the trio of men’s watches inspired through the golden illuminations from the twelfth century Aberdeen Bestiary manuscript. This time around, the fragile botanical illustrations of Robert John Thornton’s 1799 The Temple of Flora would be the direct muse of these magnificent Florilège ladies’ watches. Made up of the Renealmia or “flower of my soul”, both Rose Centifolia and also the Tulip watches capture the ephemeral great thing about these flowers for eternity.


Thornton, and British physician with a love for plants and themselves a proficient artist, employed the gifted naturalist painter from the era Philip Reinagle and also the finest British engraver Thomas Medland to complete justice to his subjects, which made an appearance within the Temple of Flora. Past the realistic representation from the plants and flowers, Thornton introduced a dosage of poetic license to produce the backdrop particulars, which imbue the readily aura of bucolic romanticism, and devoted and lost his entire fortune within the Endeavour.


Re-creating Thornton’s spirit for accurate botanical detail combined with romance, the Métiers d’Art Florilège collection, released in 2013, includes three miniature pieces of art that blossom with existence because of the collective work of skilled artists. Which is an area by which Vacheron Constantin replica watches truly performs exceptionally well because of its exceptional 260-year background and dedication to the upkeep of ancestral abilities.


Within this situation, the actual guillocheur was responsible for hearing aid technology outlines of every flower and creating volume around the gold dial plate of every Vacheron Constantin replica watch by way of a rose engine, stored in Vacheron Constantin’s training courses for over a century. The next phase was entrusted towards the famous miniature painter and enameller Anita Porchet, who applied enamel towards the grooves and etchings produced through the guillocheur. That’s possibly simplifying the procedure somewhat because what Porchet really did was make use of the complex manner of Grand Feu cloisonné enamelling and glued and soldered small gold laces and ribbons around each element to produce compartments (“cloisons” in French). The compartments will be full of layers of translucent and colour enamels before the preferred depth and shading is acquired. Following successive firing procedures within the kiln at high temps, Porchet applied a glaze to vitrify the enamel to include brilliance towards the flower. The ultimate decorative stage involved the abilities of the specialized gemsetter to choose the diamonds, cut them in baguette or round shapes, after which set them within the bezel.


Beauty isn’t skin-deep at Vacheron Constantin replica and also the mechanical hands-wound movement, calibre 4400, having a three-day energy reserve has additionally been creatively finished and could be seen with the azure very caseback. Each 37mm white gold or platinum Vacheron Constantin replica watch is shipped having a magnifier to completely understand the beauty on sides from the situation.


A Week On The Wrist The Vacheron Constantin 41mm Patrimony Traditionnelle Self-Winding Replica Watch

Dress watches are where my passion for horology began. As a young kid I would sit on my grandparents’ couch, staring at my grandfather’s gold Longines, with its glossy black dial, thin case, and tiny diamond at 12 o’clock. To me, it represented the pinnacle of adulthood – elegance, experience, knowledge, and all.

But the world looks very different now than it did when our grandparents grew up, and that totem of adulthood might look a little different as well. Few watchmakers, let alone true manufactures, have a history of producing dress watches so emblematic of the time in which they were made as Vacheron Constantin. Whether it’s their rectangular watches from the 1920s and 30s, the now archetypal tear-drop lug cases of the 1940s and 50s, or the restrained, round ultra-thins of the 60s, they maintain a certain DNA while balancing timelessness and sense of place.


Thanks to the good people of Vacheron Constantin North America, I had the opportunity to spend a week wearing one of their distinctly 21st century dress replica watches, the 41mm Patrimony Traditionnelle Self-Winding in rose gold. This outstanding timepiece is a perfect fit for the man who wants to nod to the past while standing firmly in the present. And although this watch features no complications (not even a seconds hand), there is a lot going on here to understand. I’ll take you through it below.

Inside the Patrimony Traditionnelle Self-Winding is Vacheron Constintin’s ultra-thin calibre 1120. We have spoken about this famous movement before (when introducing you to Vacheron’s Patrimony Contemporaine Auto Excellence Platine) but it has an important place in watchmaking history and warrants some further discussion.


The VC 1120 goes by many names. Audemars Piguet calls it the 2120, Patek Philippe calls it the 28-255, and Jaeger-LeCoultre calls it the 920. While Jaeger-LeCoultre has never finished or cased the movement for its own swiss replica watches, it did originally design and manufacture the 920 in the mid 1960s, as the thinnest full-rotor automatic movement in the world. When AP sold its minority share of JLC to Richemont 12 years ago, they retained the rights of manufacture and ownership of the JLC caliber 920, and currently own it singularly.

The original 920 was only 2.45mm thick (as is the 1120 in this watch), though a date module (as used in the Royal Oak from the very beginning) brings it up to 3.05mm. It also had a Gyromax balance from day one, as well as an anti-shock system. The winding rotor’s mass is concentrated on the outer rim, which sits just outside the perimeter of the rest of the movement. This lets the rotor sit more flush to the movement, making the whole package slimmer than it could otherwise be while retaining the full-rotor winding system. Ruby rollers support the outer edge, otherwise the weight would pull the rotor down on top of the movement.


The 920 (by whatever name) is the only calibre to be used by the trinity of Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe, and it has only been used by those three manufactures. Both the Royal Oak (1972’s Ref 5402) and the Nautilus (1976’s Ref 3700/1A) were launched with 920-based movements, though while the Royal Oak Jumbo (15202) still houses a 2120 to this day, Patek Philippe switched the Nautilus over to their in-house designed 335SC when the reference 3800 launched.

It really is a testament to this movement’s design that it was chosen by three of the finest manufactures around and is still being used in flagship pieces (among others) by two of them today – AP’s Royal Oak Jumbo, and Vacheron’s Auto Excellence Platine and Les Historiques 1968. The 2120 is also used both by AP and Vacheron as the base movement for a handful of complicated replica watches – the self-winding, ultra-thin nature is a perfect backbone on which to build.


The 920 / 2120 / 1120 is a highly sought-after movement by collectors, and while Vacheron’s use of this movement has been limited in the past, the introduction of it into the classical, elegant, and extremely popular Patrimony Traditionnelle line is surely to be met with fan-fare.

Vacheron Constantin prides itself on not only adhering stringently to the Geneva Hallmark standards, but also having helped create the new, more strict set of criteria in June 2012. An astounding 75% of Vacheron’s watches carry the Geneva Hallmark, including the watch at hand.

The original standards for the Geneva Hallmark were set in 1886, when Geneva’s local government established an optional set of inspection standards for watches made within the Canton. If you wanted to inscribe the name “Geneva” on your movement, that movement had to be up to standards. Think of this as relatively early brand protection for the Swiss watch industry.


There are two basic requirements for a movement to even be eligible for the Hallmark: 1) It must be assembled and adjusted in the Canton of Geneva and 2) it must bear its own individual production number.

From here, there are twelve criteria that have been around for decades, covering things like the prohibition of wire springs, particular requirements for polished and beveled surfaces, and specifications to ensure optimal escape wheel performance.

But earlier this year, the certification process became even more stringent. While we won’t bore you with every little change and addition, there are a few crucial categories that have been added to the Hallmark’s already rigorous list of requirements.

First is the introduction of specifications for components that link the movement to the case – previously, only the movement itself was covered under the Hallmark. This includes components like screws, push pieces, case rings, and other connecting elements. There is also now wear-testing, which makes sure that winding mechanisms (automatic or manual) work properly in simulated “real world” conditions. Water-resistance testing, power reserve verification, and chronograph power usage checks are all part of the review process now.

All of the modern Hallmark testing information is stored in a centralized database, and tests are only performed by independent third-party inspectors who work directly for the Hallmark agency. The idea is to use twenty-first century technology to uphold centuries-old standards, and to raise consumer awareness as to the impact these standards have on the performance of a watch.


But even with this rigorous testing, the Hallmark only guarantees so much. You know you’re getting an accurate, beautifully finished watch steeped in tradition – but this is no guarantee that you’ll actually like the watch. To get a better sense of the emotional and practical value of the Patrimony Tranditionnelle Self-Winding, I strapped it to my wrist and put it through some tests of my own.