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By supporting the Ice Legacy project by Borge Ousland (the only man to have crossed the North and South poles alone), Vincent Colliard, young adventurer and Borge Ousland’s partner, Alpina Watches Hodinkee Replica hopes to promote the protection of the glaciers, an environmental and climate issue. This unprecedented challenge combines athletic prowess, human adventure and the sharing of knowledge about the polar environment with as many people as possible, so that future generations may enjoy the fascinating and priceless legacy of glaciers and icecaps.

Explorer-ambassadors of this ambitious project, legendary Norwegian Borge Ousland and Frenchman Vincent Colliard, his successor have set to cross 20 of the largest glaciers in the world on skis, in a nearly 10-year epic journey that will take them from Russia to Alaska, and from Patagonia to Pakistan. Relayed by social networks and media across the globe, the adventure will be shared to give maximum exposure to an issue that has become a crisis for humanity. The goal is to help raise public awareness, garner the attention of governments and give a louder voice to scientists, in the hope of increasing efforts to fight the disappearance of already dwindling glaciers.

After crossing the Spitsbergen Glacier in the Svalbard Archipelago in the beginning of August 2014; the Alaskan Stikine Icefield  in May 9th, 2015; the Alaskan St. Elias Ice Field on the 21st of April, 2016, this Summer’s stop was the Chugach Mountains in Alaska.
During the expedition, they took samples of snow and ice that they delivered to the University of Anchorage to help scientists study the water isotopes. Analyzing the chemistry of the water helps them compare and track glacial fingerprints. In the future, they hope to collect samples of soot (black carbon powder), which accelerates glacial melting. Scientists are able to date that carbon to determine the origin of the molecule—whether by natural (volcanoes for instance) or man-made processes. Understanding these ratios could provide additional evidence of our impact on the ice fields.

Alpina continues to follow Polar adventurers on Ice Legacy Challenge

Ice Legacy project 2017 © Alpina

The luminous hands are a slender, curved sword design with a stick seconds hand that once again features the red Alpina Watch 1950 Replica triangle, now as a counterweight. Dial print of the Alpina logo and signature is big, though given the 44mm case and ample dial real estate, it isn’t overpowering. Aside from that, the dial is marked with “Automatic 100M-330FT” and “Swiss Made” in its traditional six o’clock place. All in all, the dial is effective and appealing. Among the vital components of any pilot’s watch is instantaneous legibility and the Startimer Automatic has that in spades given its clean and clear layout. Some may take offense at the repetition of Alpina’s triangle which looks no less than three occasions in the dial and hands however, quite honestly, that’s simply how Alpina rolls and you see their logo everywhere in their own collection. The inclusion of an anti-reflective sapphire crystal ensures unfettered viewing of the dial despite variable lighting conditions.Moving to the circumstance, which is 44mm by 10.7mm in size with a brushed finish and a very minimal pragmatic layout, we see again how Alpina are paying homage to significant pilot’s watches of times long ago. Absent are some intricacies in alternating finish or complex circumstance shapes or bevels. The tool watch feel is evident here and gives the watch a no-nonsense aesthetic which plays into the pilot’s watch concept. A straightforward but neatly engraved case back increases the utilitarian idea. A slight problem for me is using instance plating on two of the four variations of this Startimer Pilot Automatic. While I know the drive to produce a “golden” and also a “titanium” version, I believe the notion of case plating is a little distasteful for some who understand this plating can easily wear off with use, especially on a instrument watch.
Alpina continues to follow Polar adventurers on Ice Legacy Challenge

Ice Legacy Project 2017 © Alpina

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